Re: IN2000 Audio CDs and Invalid Ioctl.

Gerd Knorr (
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 12:45:21 +0200

In article <>, you wrote:
>> When I attempt to play an audio cd, (/dev/sr0) from an in2000 scsi card,
>> the software tells you that there is no cd in the drive, but the logs
>> report an invalid ioctl request. Maybe this is a bug, not sure though.
>> Anyway, if I'm being dumb, please enlighten me. :) Thanks!
>Wild guess - you enabled the vendor specific extensions.
>Not all drives like them it seems.

Should'nt affect the audio ioctls. Some drives (old NEC drives I know for sure)
don't support the SCSI-2 audio commands, this might be a reason. This would result
in a kernel message like this: "CDROM (ioctl) reports ILLEGAL REQUEST".

Anyway, it would be helpful to see the error message you get and to know the
kernel version...