ppp and linux > 2.1.24

Teunis Peters (teunis@usa.net)
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 23:55:41 -0600 (MDT)

ppp page-faults in all (pretty much) kernels above 2.1.24 (am running up
to 2.1.42).

oh and I get random division faults (prolly something to do with cyrix
6x86-120+ processor or Cirrus Logic videocard. Actually, prolly video
card because it _NEVER_ faults under X or any video program.)

I vote _FOR_ video-driver plugins onto console for this reason alone!
(that and console crashes - random freezes for unknown reasons - still in

I could post details I suppose but I don't think it'd help much.... Any
ideas why ppp crashes (guaranteed) though? Recompiled pppd (2.2.0f or
something) + 2.1.28,2.1.[37-42]. None worked. Hard to fix.

Oh, and I also haven't received any mail from this list in a coupla
weeks. Including requests to vger to re-enable this list <sigh> [just
in case].

Please reply personal-email only, eh? (to lower noise :)

Wind to your wings!
- Teunis.