Re: pre31-patch + davem + Hubert

Hubert Mantel (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 20:42:35 +0200 (MEST)


On Fri, 13 Jun 1997, Thomas Koenig wrote:

> I have applied pre31-2 + davem's patch + Hubert's patch, and am, at the
> moment, running a "find . -type f | xargs grep foobar". Responsiveness
> is waaaaaaaaaaaay down; if I pause for a little time, I can sometimes
> hit up to 30 keys before anything is displayed on my screen.

After doing stress testing (which has turned out to be stable) I installed
the patches on my workstation and made the same experience. Bad
performance. The system is swapping all the time. The kernel now is
swapping to get memory for the buffer cache. Currently I have about 30MB
allocated by buffers and 20MB swapped out. Moving the mouse pointer leads
to swapping.