Re: "obsolete" hardware

Matei Conovici (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 12:57:34 +0300 (EET DST)

> Give me a break - how many people are running Linux routers??? And
> before there is a slew of "I do"s - percentage wise! MOST of the time
> you want horsepower - not the ability to route.

Haha! 99% of the routing machines in our network ( - class B
network) are linux machines. And most of them _are_ 386's, exactly because
it's all that is needed, and because it's cheap. Take a break yourself,
linux is used in _lots_ of places as a router, because it does routing +
firewall + masquerading + routing protocols + proxy + whatever. If you
need all of these in one cheap box, linux is the way to go.

> Again my point is not to waste time developing for obsolete
> hardware.

I wonder when was the last time somebody wrote 386 specific code in
arch/i386 ... As I see it, most development there are pentium
optimizations, at most (the tcp/ip checksumming routines were specifically
designed for best performance on pentium, afaik, for example).

The rest of the code is pretty generic.

> Let me also put it in a financial perspective. Our company is
> developing a distributed IDE. It so happens that Linux is the target
> platform. I would hate to explain to my boss that the bright side of
> the situation is that "Linux works on a 386".

Why would you have to explain that is beyond my imagination. We have
2.0.30 which runs pretty cool both on some old 386 _and_ pentiums.

> Regards,
> Y.