Re: st.o module bug

Andreas Degert (
13 Jun 1997 09:17:07 +0200

Jon Lewis <> writes:

> I'm playing with a SCSI DAT drive on a BT-946 on my test machine, and have
> noticed the following.
> The system did not have a tape before, so I'd compiled pre-2.0.30-1 with
> st as a module. If I tried to access /dev/st0 before loading the module
> (no kerneld), I'd get an error about no such device...duh. If I then
> insmod st.o, I still can't access /dev/st0 without rebooting first.

For me it works (since a long time, and also with pre-2.0.30-1/2); i'm
using kerneld so i don't have to load the driver manually. If the tape
drive didn't run when booting i use
echo "scsi add-single-device ..." >/proc/scsi/scsi
to rescan the scsi device list.

st.o needs memory for buffers when loaded, but you should get a message
if allocation failed.