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Info in linux/drivers/net/README.tunnel doesn't seem to correspond
with the actual new_tunnel.c being shipped. I'm thrashing my way
slowly through anyhow, since I need it running, but it's chewing up
lots of my time since I'm totally ignorant of modules and Linux
kernel stuff... or was when I began, at least. Be nice if other
people were saved the trouble!

The first two example lines in README.tunnel are in fact both wrong,
which would matter less if any other documentation existed :) ...

insmod ipip.o; insmod tunnel.o
won't work 'cause the file is now "new_tunnel.o". (Ok, mebbe anyone
who can't figure that out deserves to suffer, but it's nicer to have
it right...)
ifconfig tunl pointopoint
will fail because the devices are now numbered, apparently: One needs
ifconfig tunl0 pointopoint
Figuring that out took me several chronological weeks of cleaning off
my disk and installing Debian completely from scratch to make sure
nothing was trashed, updating to the very latest 2.0.x release to see
if it was a recently fixed bug, trying tun1 instead of tunl on the
assumption the doc had a typo (close, but no cigar!) &tc...
I think I'll take a week's vacation before tackling line three in the
docs :)

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