Re: *Help!* Where is device partition info stored by the kernel?
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 22:46:28 +0200

Dave Cinege:

: I was hoping someone would say "Look here in proc" or "This new version of
: fdisk will print that info"

Well, since nobody else is saying that:

for i in /dev/hda*; do echo -n "$i: "; sfdisk -s $i; done

says on this machine here:

/dev/hda: 6353235
/dev/hda1: 471051
/dev/hda2: 1417
/dev/hda3: 10867
/dev/hda4: 1 <- this is the extended partition
/dev/hda5: 1024348
/dev/hda6: 1024348
/dev/hda7: 1024348
/dev/hda8: 20286
/dev/hda9: 2776378

On the other hand, this information is not at all enough
to reconstruct the partition table with certainty.