Re: /proc/pci minor patch

Jens Maurer (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 21:41:30 +0200


Joe Pranevich wrote:
> Unfortunately, the PCI code maintainer (as
> determined in pci.h) doesn't seem to exist anymore. (Does anyone know if
> this is a temporary thing, or if there is a new address for the
> maintainer? Maybe I should have checked the Maintainers file. :) )

As of 2.1.42, I am both in the MAINTAINERS and the pci.h file.
I've moved (to where I'm now posting from), but the mail should
be forwarded. If there's a technical problem with the mail address,
please tell me.

> In any case, here is a simple patch to recognize the ALG-2064 as far as
> /proc/pci is concerned. It just adds it to the existing device list and
> should cause no problems. This diff should work with little or no
> changes in both the 2.0.x and 2.1.x trees. (I'm 90% sure I did the diff
> right. :) )

Something similar was already in the patch I sent to linux-kernel about
a week ago.

> If I have sent this to the wrong place, or if there is an official
> address to send prospective inclusions into the kernel, could someone
> please tell me.
as mentioned in include/linux/pci.h

I just saw, that as of pre-2.1.43, my patches are in the official kernel
tree. If you're using pre-2.1.43 and still see some unknown PCI
devices, please tell me about them (Craig: Your FDDI card is in the

Note that some people already mentioned a few problems with
pre-2.1.43 in more vital areas than PCI card detection, so your
milage may vary.