Well known MPEG binary file extensions added to fs/fat/misc.c

Thu, 12 Jun 1997 12:27:52 -0400 (EDT)

A small patch to add some MPEG audio-video file extensions to the fat/vfat
well-known binary extension table of the fat file system.

The patched table contains the file extensions that will not be
automatically CRLF<-->NL converted when read from fat/vfat partition
mounted with :
'mount -o conv=auto switch'. I've also included the man page changes.

--- linux/fs/fat/misc.c.orig Thu Jun 5 00:04:51 1997
+++ linux/fs/fat/misc.c Thu Jun 5 00:13:54 1997
@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@
"TZ " "TAZ" "TZP" "TPZ" /* abbreviations of tar.Z and tar.zip */
"GZ " "TGZ" "DEB" /* .gz, .tar.gz and Debian packages */
"GIF" "BMP" "TIF" "GL " "JPG" "PCX" /* graphics */
+ "WAV" /* audio */
+ "MPS" "MPG" "MP1" "MP2" "AVI" "DVD" /* mpeg audio-video files */
"TFM" "VF " "GF " "PK " "PXL" "DVI"; /* TeX */

;Unzip the man page before patching it.
>gunzip /usr/man/man8/mount.8.gz

Patch the 'mount' man page.

--- /usr/man/man8/mount.8.orig Thu Jun 5 00:56:40 1997
+++ /usr/man/man8/mount.8 Thu Jun 5 00:58:58 1997
@@ -574,7 +574,8 @@
.I fs/fat/misc.c
(as of 2.0, the list is: exe, com, bin, app, sys, drv, ovl, ovr, obj,
lib, dll, pif, arc, zip, lha, lzh, zoo, tar, z, arj, tz, taz, tzp, tpz,
-gz, tgz, deb, gif, bmp, tif, gl, jpg, pcx, tfm, vf, gf, pk, pxl, dvi).
+gz, tgz, deb, gif, bmp, tif, gl, jpg, pcx, tfm, vf, gf, pk, pxl, dvi,
+wav, mps, mpg, mp1, mp2, avi, dvd).
Programs that do computed lseeks won't like in-kernel text conversion.
Several people have had their data ruined by this translation. Beware!
_________end of man page patch_
;zip the man page
>gzip /usr/man/man8/mount.8