Kernel 2.1.42 IP-Masquerading Problem

Dietmar Kling (
Mon, 12 May 1997 14:38:32 +0200


I hope this is the right list to post to (I didn't find a ip-masq mailing list in the kernel doku)

I upgraded my old 2.0.24 Kernel to 2.1.42 and I've got an annoying problem with ipmasquerading.

I use a WinNt-Box after a linux-box which does the ip-masquerading.
(AVM Fritz card / hisax in the kernel)

The Problem

when i do ftp (ip_masq_ftp module is in the kernel) with files <8 MB i have no problem but
when i try to download (i have an ISDN connection) something bigger like a service pack

The ftp works until the last byte but it doesn't end!

When i use cancel in Netscape the whole file is gone (I tried some other tools, and i don't loose the
file but it is still the same problem (WS_FTP, FTP Explorer etc..)

The whole file is fetched but the end of ftp "signal" doesn't make it through my linux box...

You can run the whole job 2 hour's and it doesn't
I have tested this with varios ftp servers ( I encounterd the problem the first time, when i fetched a whole kernel) ( I fetched a service pack 18 MB)

always the same problem

when i do the job on the linux box everything works...
whe i make ftp with file < 8 MB everything works too for me on my NT-Box (but i forget that sometimes :) )

I didn't have that problem before...

Is there some new option in the kernel which i have to to compile in to fix this?

It's annoying because i don't have a dial-up connection and I don't like loosing money...