Re: "obsolete" hardware

david parsons (o.r.c@p.e.l.l.p.o.r.t.l.a.n.d.o.r.u.s)
11 Jun 1997 18:23:34 -0700

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yuri mironoff <> wrote:
>On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Martin Mares wrote:
>> (2) Linux is certainly meant to offer much more than running CPU-eating
>> X applications. Those other capabilities (including network routing and
>> bridging) require only little CPU power and a quad P7 won't noticeably
>> improve their performance, so why buy it instead of using an old 386 and
>> saving $6000. Well written applications seldom need lots of CPU time.
> Give me a break - how many people are running Linux routers???


>before there is a slew of "I do"s - percentage wise! MOST of the time
>you want horsepower - not the ability to route.

If you obey the percentages, you'll end up running Windows 95.

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