Re: PCI netcards that are good for Linux

geerten kuiper (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 21:47:23 +0200


now that the subject has come up,

At 20:53 9/06/97 -0500, fb wrote:
>just to put my two cents in:
>i have had a great time with cheap ne2k clones
>i have two linux boxen linked up each with $26 pci ne2k clones and i
>routienely get > 1000k/s (compressed data) on ftp xfers between them

which cards do you use ? I used to be quite happy with my Accton 1652's
(ISA, thin coax) but one of them broke down, and I'm having a hard time
finding a replacement. Tried one SN2000, one RL2000, neither works. I get
the impression that the automatic media detection on these cards fails.
Should I (1) get a hub and switch to UTP (2) get PCI versions (3) get some
other NE2000 clone, or (4) use a different card alltogether ??
I need something wellknown, because it must be supported by DOS/WIN, WIN
NT, WIN95, OS/2 on the Pentium and by WIN NT on the Alpha/AXP. And, most
important, by Linux on both architectures.


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