Re: "obsolete" hardware

Bruce J. Bell (
11 Jun 1997 20:02:07 GMT

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997 10:22:40 -0400 (EDT), yuri mironoff <> wrote:
> Again my point is not to waste time developing for obsolete
> If you so love the 386 - its your prerogative. As far as I'm concerned
>it is deceased - it RIP - it is a dead parrot (oops chip).
> I am more concerned about the current situation with the "can't
>get a free page", SMP lockups and the Adaptec timeouts - I'm experiencing
>all of the above. I know there are people spending their precious time
>fixing this - but I would hate to hear that any of this would wind up
>on the backburner because of 386 support. I would be willing to
>bet quite a bit of money that there are more AIC7XXX in use out there
>than 386s. The same for goes for SMP machines.

OK, think about this: how many Linux *developers* are running off of
386's? How much "development power" will Linux *lose* if developers
with old hardware are alienated?

We've all seen this kind of thing before: people politicking the
Linux community to somehow give their project more resources. But
it's a volunteer effort -- people work on what seems important to
them. Until Linux takes over the world, it's *not* a zero-sum game.

I understand that you want more people to work on your problems, to
the exclusion of theirs. But doesn't it seem kind of petty to demand


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