Re: *Help!* Where is device partition info stored by the kernel?

Dave Cinege (
Wed, 11 Jun 97 15:39:14 -0500

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997 15:20:41 -0400 (EDT), Grant R. Guenther wrote:

>> Where does the kernel keep the partition info? I looked all in /proc and
>> couldn't find it.
>There's an array indexed by the minor number inside each block device
>driver. Look for the fields "start_sect" and "nr_sects" in the source of
>the driver in question.
>> The system HAS NOT been rebooted. I can still mount all of my partitions,
>> but the second it goes down everything will vanish. The kernel still knows
>> the old (correct) layout, or else it would not be mounting things. Where is
>> it hidden?
>There's probably a better solution, but at worst you could write a little
>program to use the BLKGETSIZE ioctl to extract the _size_ of each
>partition, and then deduce the layout from that.

This is what I figured......I've yet to sit down and actully write anything
for linux so I wouldn't know where to begin. By the time I shit!

Just had an idea....if I dd the partitions to /dev/null it should give me
the size of each! I believe they are spaced 63 sectors apart from that
point, so I should be able to work from the end of the drive back....

What I was saying, is it would take me more time to write that program then
back everything up, repartition, and restore.

>As a backup solution, you might use dd to capture the first physical
>block of each of the lost partitions. Take a cksum of each of them,
>then you can devise some offline method of searching for blocks
>on the disk that have that cksum.

I thought of this, but the data is not worth the work. Basically everything
is from a virgin install and set-up so it is a matter of how much time I can

My new dd idea should work. Will take a little time, but it will work.
I was hoping someone would say "Look here in proc" or "This new version of
fdisk will print that info"

That info really should be available somehow at the user level.....

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