Re: "obsolete" hardware

Matjay Godec (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 17:59:40 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, yuri mironoff wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Martin Mares wrote:
> Give me a break - how many people are running Linux routers??? And
> before there is a slew of "I do"s - percentage wise! MOST of the time
> you want horsepower - not the ability to route.
Hard to say but I'll gues at least 50% of those who knows about Linux and
its capbility to do routing.

> If you so love the 386 - its your prerogative. As far as I'm concerned
> it is deceased - it RIP - it is a dead parrot (oops chip).
It is a live as it can be. I'm even great fan of ELKS linux stuff, because
I hate to see my 286's laying around while they can perform some jobs. For
example we use them to drive automatic drilling machines and thex work
quite well.

> I am more concerned about the current situation with the "can't
> get a free page", SMP lockups and the Adaptec timeouts - I'm experiencing
> all of the above. I know there are people spending their precious time
> fixing this - but I would hate to hear that any of this would wind up
> on the backburner because of 386 support. I would be willing to
> bet quite a bit of money that there are more AIC7XXX in use out there
> than 386s. The same for goes for SMP machines.
How much :))

> Let me also put it in a financial perspective. Our company is
> developing a distributed IDE. It so happens that Linux is the target
> platform. I would hate to explain to my boss that the bright side of
> the situation is that "Linux works on a 386".
Absolutly !
If IDE is for Integrated Development Environement than 100% yes. I know a
lot of debvelopers who are stuck behind their 386's. Why not colect this
market also ?

Just my 2 cents.