Re: Problems with 'objdump' compiling 2.0.30 kernel

Martin Mares (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 13:04:45 +0200


> I ran into a problem compiling the 2.0.30 kernel. I had some problems
> regarding 'objdump' which didn't understand the '-k -q' switches. I traced
> the problem down to my brandnew 'objdump' from binutils 2.8.
> I've checked an older version of 'objdump' from a machine I installed
> recently and that version supports the '-k -q' switches. I contacted some
> guy (who's E:mail address I found in a Linux newsgroup ) who told me that
> he heard about a fix for this problem. I guess that the fix is changing
> the parameters for the 'objdump' step in one of the make files. The
> problem is that I'm not sure which parameters I should use.
> The only problem is that this helpfull guy didn't know where to find the
> fix. Luckily he gave me this E:mail address to ask further questions.
> Could you please help me with my (relatively small) problem ?

The problem is probably that you were upgrading to binutils 2.8 from
an older version and an obsolete "encaps" utility was not deleted. The 2.0.X kernel
makefiles recognize version of binutils by testing if encaps is there
or not and choose the appropriate set of parameters based on this.

Deleting /usr/bin/encaps (or renaming it) should help.