Re: another pre-2.0.31 problem

Rogier Wolff (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 22:27:22 +0200 (MET DST)

Ruud van Hemert wrote:
> I had the same problems as you did, also with a masqueraded local network
> and a Teles 16.3 ISDN-card.(also tried several kernel-versions and
> patches)
> For some reasons however I had set (a long time ago) the MTU for the eth0
> at 1500 on my masqueraded hosts and for the ippp0 on the gateway at 576
> After changing the eth0 MTU-size on all my masqueraded hosts also at 576,
> the problem went away....

> Don't now the technical details about it, but I can imagine that a sort
> of overflow will occur when you try to transmit packages with a size of
> 1500, and the gateway have to resize the packages to 576

Nono. This is not a "you can fix it by doing this", but a "because
it goes away when I do this, the bug must be THERE".

You possibly found the conditions to trigger this bug: masquerading
with different MTUs on the different channels. The networking-experts
should have a look at trying to reproduce this, and fixing it....