Re: "obsolete" hardware

Michael H. Warfield (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 18:21:58 -0400 (EDT)

Alan Cox enscribed thusly:

> > But I really see no reason to have 386 support (and I'd say drop math
> > emulation too so that people can use FP in the kernel) in the 2.1.x and
> > later kernels. None of the new features are really worth implementing on
> > such old hardware. Is anyone really going to have an IPv6 modem pool? And
> > if you're doing IPv6 routing wouldn't you want a 486 anyways?

> Why go to the extra work of dropping it. Anyway there are people using MCA
> bus 386's with Arcnet quite happily in 2.1.x. I dont see why IPv6 routing
> needs a 486 either

Yeah... And most of my routers are 386 systems which use to be
workstations which were then retired. 386's make great routers and firewalls.
Great use for those old ex-workstations that nobody wants anymore. Why should
I now have to toss them out as well and upgrade all of my routers just
because someone thinks that this perfectly good, perfectly functional
box is now obsolete. I would much rather spend x number of dolars (for any
value of x) on new hardware that is sitting in front of my engineers and
relegate the older hardware to specialized jobs that they are perfectly
capable of performing. The routers and firewalls are generation 3 hand-me-
downs. In another year or two, maybe I won't have anymore 386's there,
but maybe they will be somewhere else...


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