Re: Silly typo in /usr/include/sched.h

Aaron M. Ucko (
09 Jun 1997 15:18:09 -0400

"Thaddeus H. Wood" <> writes:

> On line 36 of /usr/include/sched.h:
> extern int sched_get_priority_min _P((int __policy));
> should read:
> extern int sched_get_priority_min __P((int __policy));
> The missing underscore being the problem. I'm not sure which Linux
> distributions are effected. However, as of RedHat 4.2/Intel this typo
> lives on.

This is a bug in some versions of libc and is not relevant to
linux-kernel. is a more appropriate forum.
(BTW, it's fixed in newer libc versions)

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