Problems with 'objdump' compiling 2.0.30 kernel

H.J.F. Hasert (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 20:33:08 +0100 (GMT+0100)

I ran into a problem compiling the 2.0.30 kernel. I had some problems
regarding 'objdump' which didn't understand the '-k -q' switches. I traced
the problem down to my brandnew 'objdump' from binutils 2.8.

I've checked an older version of 'objdump' from a machine I installed
recently and that version supports the '-k -q' switches. I contacted some
guy (who's E:mail address I found in a Linux newsgroup ) who told me that
he heard about a fix for this problem. I guess that the fix is changing
the parameters for the 'objdump' step in one of the make files. The
problem is that I'm not sure which parameters I should use.

The only problem is that this helpfull guy didn't know where to find the
fix. Luckily he gave me this E:mail address to ask further questions.
Could you please help me with my (relatively small) problem ?

with kind regards, Hans Hasert

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