IBM Token Ring OOPS with 2.0.29

Paul P. Norton (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 07:22:13 -0700

Petri Mattila writes:
> Hi,
> I get this OOPS every time if I first insmod ibmtr.o, rmmod it and
> then insmod it again.
> Unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge about kernel internals,
> so I am only including here full bug report, but no fix.
> I think this one should be fixed before 2.0.31
> -- petri

I rewrote the modularization code when I added multiple adapter
support, which went into the kernel about 2.1.7 or so. I don't believe
it exhibits that behavior any more.

I'll take a look at it but given the state of the pre-31 patches I
doubt I code code and test a fix in time. OTOH given the state of the
pre-31 patches there will probably be a 2.0.32 release sometime in the
future. :-)