Ext2 oddities ?

Philippe Strauss (philou@sicel-home-1-4.urbanet.ch)
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 00:45:57 +0200

Hi there.

I've experienced a strange problem on my 2.0.31-pre2 system.
After erasing two huge files (630MB) on an otherwise empty Ext2 formatted
SCSI disk, I was unable to unmount it -- device or resource busy.
I thought it was, as usual, a VC with a shell having a working directory
inside this mounted partition - but no, no such thing. A process referencing
/dev/sdc2 (the "offending" partition), but neither, lsof reported nothing
related to sdc. Looked at ps aux to see if a process was hung in the D state,
once again nothing. Switched to single user, but still unable to unmount this
/dev/sdc2 ... weird. A shame, I forgot to do a df to see the number of free
blocks remaining on /dev/sdc2 for latter references.

I remember a thread some weeks ago about a problem of deletion of huge files
on ext2 not freeing all blocks -- Anyone having a clue ?

System is bleeding edge Debian hamm (developement, future 2.0), running
libc5.4.23 and glibc2.0.3 (not so much compiled against it, except ProFTPD,
really neat if you want to hose your wtmp :).

I have three patches applied in addition of 2.0.31-pre-2:
- ncrBsd 1.18i
- Solar's stack not-exec patch
- Stephan latest IO-handling patch for Ext2

Any idea?

TIA, Philippe.

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