Re: TCP Slow On Linux, Fast on Macs

Pete Harlan (
Fri, 23 May 1997 15:00:45 -0500 (CDT)

Alan Cox writes:
> > I've noticed [crawling transfer rates] with Netscape 3.1 and lynx,
> > but ftp, telnet, ssh, etc. seem fine.
> Try disabling identd, also check your DNS

Thanks---no change. I can boot the same machine as Win95 and it's
speedy, off the same (Linux) DNS server/gateway. All Linux machines
on our LAN behave this way. They're all fairly recently installed
Debian 1.2, except one that's Debian 1.3.

I tried kernel 2.0.4 to no avail. I tried compiling a freshly-
downloaded 1.2.13, but it won't compile anymore (gcc

I'll happily provide any information that would be helpful. My
machine's a 150mhz Pentium, 32mb ram, 3c590 ethernetted to a 90mhz
Pentium, 40mb ram Linux DNS/Mail server PPP'd to our ISP via a 28.8k


Pete Harlan