Re: laptop suspend problems in kernel 2.0.27

Pawel S. Veselov (
Fri, 23 May 1997 23:15:30 +0400 (MSD)

Hello, Larry!

On Fri, 23 May 1997, Larry M. Augustin wrote:

>Try enabling APM in the kernel. You may have to play with different
>APM options to find what works with that laptop. I've seen this
>behavior on other systems when APM was not enabled.

But can somebody explain what is the matter for this bug ? I get the divide
overflow in getslowtimeoffset. I looked in timer.c but found nothing
improper. The other solution I found is running some program, that jumps to
getslowtimeoffset very often. For example, xclock. ( I didn't find any other
program, that can do it ). May be some counter is becoming too big in
division. I found out, that there required about half on hour for system to
go nuts. It was 2.0.18 kernel.


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