Peter Enderborg (pme@ufh.se)
Fri, 23 May 1997 20:14:03 +0200

Got an oops. (0)
EIP: 0c12a0c

0c120a0c somewere in __wait_on_inode
0c120f42 sync_inodes
0c121eaa fsync_dev
0c121ec7 sys_sync
0c10942a system_call

This is on a Pentium with ncr-810, ext2 filesystems and kernel 2.1.40
compiled with no SMP. (With the same config but with SMP i got
an hang without Oops at the same place.) It's hapend when
i boot the system and the system is checking the filesystems.
Any ideas ? I have not been able to use any kernels since 2.1.35.
I have noted that it have been an upgrade in the NCR driver
from 1.18d to 2.1b, is that the problem ?