PCI Functions problems

Alfredo Babusci (babusci@roma1.infn.it)
Fri, 23 May 1997 18:25:51 +0000

I'm trying to program a PCI card using bios32.h & pci.h library.
When I compile (and link) a little program whic use the procedures
included in the library (pcibios_present, pcibios_find_device... ) the
linker said:

-- undefined reference to "pcibios_find_device" --

If I link the file bios32.c (in this case I replaced "printk" with
"printf") and my little file, the error message do not compare (the link
work correctly) but when I run the program I have a run time error (core
dumped) in correspondence of pcibios_find_device, also if I login as

My system is:
Pentium processor (100 MHz) with 48 Mbyte of RAM
Red Hat Linux 4.0
Kernel version 2.0.27
GNU gcc version 2.7

Perhaps I cannot use this functions without make a module and adding it
to the kernel ?

Someone has the same problem and/or can help me ?

P.S. The "scanpci" program recognize correctly my pci card.

Than you for help