A huge project at work

Teunis Peters (teunis@usa.net)
Wed, 21 May 1997 00:59:19 -0600 (MDT)

Please respond using personal mail 'cause this topic tends to irritate
people in this mailing list.... I'm just tired of being stuck on what to
do with this monster.

I'm working on a rather large project based on Linux right now... (this
is more or less descended from linux-ggi discussions I missed the end of).

- Graphics host system coordinator (linux needs this!)
- Message passing system
- JAVA interpreter (for my own reasons - I like it :)
- VR coordinator
- various other script/interpeter/JIT type stuff (like LISP)

I guess as a translation this is a rough equivalent to DirectX +
Windows-style messaging + JAVA bound into a linux-accelerated bundle.

The connection with the kernel is simple:
- I'm looking for info on linux-rt (realtime linux?)
[or at least some ideas on how to do FAST message-passing
from one thread to another]
- I want to finally build those (to me) much-needed graphics coordinator
modules and I need suggestions

I _DON'T_ want to make Linux into either Windows or XWindows. I just
want to make coordinating userspace graphics drivers with the kernel easier.
(such as by adding cached page-mapping access to video memory rather than
using double-buffering). [I suspect this can be controlled via mmap though])

on graphics coordination - I think this should be done along the line of
a set of drivers with a common interface + a userspace driver connection
- Some kind of core capability [== text + maybe some limited graphics]
drivers so the kernel can display something while booting
(could this work on all platforms?)
- A kernel-user interface to override kernel graphics core to userspace
(I can see possible security holes here - that'll be difficult)

Again, please don't respond on the mailing list. I've lost track of how
many times this has come up in the list and don't want to start another
thread there. (I've also been out of touch on and off for the last year)

I'm quite willing to code all of this (I have _MOST_ of this written so
far but haven't really looked much at the kernel connection as the
mmapping and clone() calls + svgalib have suited my purposes so far for
testing). [though I wonder how people survive doing this kind of work
full-time.... I tried and couldn't so now I can only work part-time on it]

Thanks for any responses!
- Teunis