Kernel Panic: aic7xxx_free

Paul Serice (
Wed, 21 May 1997 01:14:34 -0500

Linux is crashing all the time now. I think maybe its partly my
hardware's fault. Can someone confirm or otherwise enlighten me?

What happens is that during during disk activity, the computer more
or less locks up. If you're lucky enough to have the computer crash
while your at a text console, you can see the error messages repeated
scroll past, but you'll have an extremely hard time getting the
computer to respond to anything, including telnet.

The error is as follows:

Couldn't Get A Free Page .....
Kernel Panic: aic7xxx_free (aic7xxx_free) Couldn't find a free SCB.

Then what appears to be an epic struggle for control of the computer
ensues, and Linux always loses. I then reboot with fingers crossed.

Will all of these problems disappear if I just dump my Adaptec
control and get a BusLogic Control?

(For what it's worth, these problems only started for me when I upgraded
to 2.0.30.)

Paul Serice