LS-120 floppy support. Any driver? If not let's get some people....

Dave Cinege (
Fri, 23 May 97 01:46:44 -0500

I've got my LS-120 floppy on the way. I'm really exicted about these and
would love to see them become the new standard in floppies.

Is there any support being worked on yet? If not I would like to get some
people together and get it going.

For those unfamilar with the LS-120 specs are as follows:

IDE interface, BIOS support required for bootable 'A:' support.
LS-120 floppies holds 120mb, and are the same size as a 1.44mb floppy.
The drives are backwards compatible with 1.44mb disks, making it the
complete replacment a ZIP could never be.

Internal drives (3.5"x1") are about $190 and dropping. Media is about the
same as ZIP (about $15USD per floppy, also going down)

Imation (sub company of 3M) is currenlty the only place producing media.
They are still pretty new, but you can find them at CompUSA.

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