TCP Slow On Linux, Fast on Macs

Pete Harlan (
Thu, 22 May 1997 15:25:31 -0500 (CDT)


Our LAN of Macs is connected to the net via a Linux box. Netscape on
the Macs loads, e.g., Dilbert cartoons


as quickly as I'd expect our 28.8 ppp dialup line would allow. But
Netscape on our Linux machines, which are on the same Ethernet, takes
five or ten minutes to load a page that takes twenty seconds on the
Macintoshes, never loading at more than 90 bytes/sec, and spending
most of the time stalled, _even_on_the_Linux_machine_that_is_routing_

This is with all recent 2.0.x kernels, including pre-2.0.31.

I've noticed it with Netscape 3.1 and lynx, but ftp, telnet, ssh,
etc. seem fine.

I mean, sure the Mac's tcp/ip implementation always beats Linux, but
not by quite this much...

Pete Harlan
That was sarcasm.