Re: pre-patches - where?

H. Peter Anvin (
21 May 1997 01:27:32 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: David Williams <>
In newsgroup:
> >
> >What is the "official" place to look for pre-patches? Certainly not
> >, as their "testing" subdir only contains
> >pre-patch-2.0.30.gz (among other things).
> >
> >BTW, what is the official place for release kernels now? Certainly not
> > anymore, as has them sooner.
> I would say
> is where Linus puts stuff, but I think David Miller has
been putting out some fairly complex 2.0.x patches as well. I have no
problem giving access to for people working on major
Linux subsystems -- please feel free to contact me.


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