recompiled kernel

Luca Barbetti (
Tue, 20 May 1997 18:39:37 +0200

Hi folks! I need some help.
I use RedHat 4.0, kernel 2.0.18 gcc 2.7.2 (included in the Infomagic LINUX Developer's Resource CD-ROM) on my machine. My first building of a new kernel brought me some problems:
- For some modules I got this line:
The module symbols (from linux 2.0.18) don't match your linux-2.0.18.
I have found those modules in the same RedHat distribution.
- I got a PANIC message:
Starting yp server services:
NWSERV 0:EMUTLI:init_ipx:invalid argument
I would really appreciate any advice and suggestion.
Thank You all.
Luca Barbetti