Re: 2.1.38/39 unstable here as well

Holger Kiehl (
Tue, 20 May 1997 10:06:59 +0200

On 19 May 1997, Jeffrey Wiegley wrote:

> Try recompiling the kernel and make sure that you comment out the SMP=1
> line in the top of the /usr/src/linux/Makefile. I forgot to do that the
> first time and my kernel would lock up all over the place, appearantly
> during network access. Then I remembered about that silly little SMP
> definition, removed it, recompiled and now everything seems to work
> fine.
I did comment out that line and my system did hang up rock solid with
2.1.38. I noticed quit a few crashes of the X-server without any complete
lockup of the system. Switching back to 3.2 (from 3.2A) did not change
anything, still the server crashes. I am now running 2.0.30 and have had
no crashes yet.