Re: initrd and NFS
Mon, 19 May 1997 18:24:27 -0400

Actually, I have been running a kernel with only ROMFS as something other
than a module. I have an initrd with a static /bin/sh and insmod, and as
my /linuxrc:

/insmod ext2.o
/insmod ide.o
/insmod ide-disk.o
/insmod -k ide-probe.o
exit 0

(I also seem to need console, and/or tty1 in /dev)

I also have a setup script that copies the current versions of these
modules into the tree, runs genromfs, and copies my kernel and initrd to
the right space (usually /dosc/linux for loadlin).

The problem with nfsroot is that lots of things need to be defined like
the ip address and routes, so you would need lots of little programs,
libc, or have linuxrc do lots of setup.