Re: out of memory in 2.0.30...

Stephen Costaras (
Mon, 19 May 1997 02:42:51 -0500 (CDT)

> I have 64 megs of real memory, and nothing can get a free page...
> Here's a procinfo when it happened:

{system information snipped}

> Looks like the kernel is aggressivly paging programs out to make room for
> buffer cache... to the point that I can't compile (gcc: exausted virtual memory)dmesg only has complaints about being unable to allocate a DMA buffer for
> sound. I see the latest stable version is still 2.0.30... is there a pre-31
> patch out I could test?
> BTW: I can also reliably bring a completely unloaded 2.0.30 box to it's knees
> by doing badblocks -w on a scsi device (obviously, one with nothing important
> on it.) I have yet to be able to check the disk, since it runs out of
> memory (with plenty of swap free) before it finishes checking...

I have seen similar problems on my news server running 2.0.30 w/ 128mb ram +
128mb swap. It appears that the kernel kills off the processes (couldn't get
a free page) and doesn't even attempt to use the swap. (only have 2000-3000kb
used out of the 128meg swap partition). I'm back to 2.0.29 as well for the