2.1.38 + SB16 (IRQ7 used?!?!?)

Hasan Diwan (hdiwan@phdiwan.ziplink.net)
Sun, 18 May 1997 23:12:04 -0400

Ladies & Gentlemen:
I am having trouble using 2.1.38's sound support. It complains
of IRQ7 being used on boot, yet when I use my older vmlinuz (2.1.29),
this isn't a problem. I do not know the Linux kernel source well
enough to provide a patch (but I'm working on going through it). I
could not get 2.1.30 through 2.1.37 to compile and support everything
I have properly, so this is why I do not know which version the bug
was introduced. Thank you very much for your prompt reply...

Hasan Diwan