lilo v 1.1[89] and 2.1 kernels tip

Fred Love (
Sun, 18 May 1997 12:16:35 -0500

Just made the new lilo for bzImage/bzlilo, etc., and thought I'd pass
along this tip.

It seems the new lilo is configured to make under the 2.0 kernels, it
will not compile with the 2.1 kernels (at least 2.1.38). Symbols
undefined (NORMAL_VGA, etc.) Also problems assembling first.s.

Luckily, my internet gateway is still running 2.0.14. I made a lilo
directory on the gateway box, and made the new version of lilo under
2.0.14. Afterward, I nfs mounted the lilo directory on the 2.1.38 box,
and performed a "make install" on the 2.1.38 box. lilo v1.19 is now
installed on the 2.1.38 box.