Re: Keyboard lockups with non-SMP pre-2.1.37-[3456]

Brian N. Borg (
Sat, 17 May 1997 23:09:25 -0500

I have also experienced this problem, but with 2.1.36. I am also
running a Cyrix 6x86 P166+. I applied the Cyrix patch to 2.1.36.

--Brian Borg

Luca Lizzeri wrote:
> As previously reported on the list, hitting some special keys will cause
> the keyboard to start malfunctioning.
> As long as NumLock or CapsLock are not touched, everything works fine (even
> console switching). As soon as one of these is touched (maybe others, I have
> not experimented over-long) the keyboard will lock up for some seconds, and
> from then on, console switching will work, with the same time lag before
> accepting keypresses. After having had 4-5 of these lockups, the keyboard
> driver becomes very confused (I was in vi at the time, not the very best place
> for blind keypressing :)
> Luca
> P.S. I could not experiment with pre-2.1.37-2, it wouldn't compile as
> non-SMP. I expect the problem would be present, as the changes in vt.c and
> tty_io.c were already there (not that I'm implying I'm sure the problem
> is in those changes :)
> P.P.S If i compile as SMP, it barfs in calibrate_APIC_clock on my Cyrix 6x86
> P166+ (if necessary, I will repeat the experiment and hand transcribe
> the Oops). Yes I know that Cyrix 6x86s are not exactly smp-capable, just
> wondering if a more graceful fallback is possible or desirable.