Richard B. Johnson (root@analogic.com)
Thu, 15 May 1997 21:11:22 -0400 (EDT)

There is a new "effect" that I just discovered in 2.1.37. I don't
think that this is the proper behavior and I don't know at which version
this behavior started although I think it started after some work
on the "tty" interface. This behavior does not occur on V 2.0.12
which I use at home.

If I do:

make -j zImage &>World.Log &
|____ bash shortcut for BOTH stderr and stdout.

The kernel is being compiled as a background task okay...
If I exit (logout), the kernel continues to be compiled as expected.
No untrapped signals are sent to the children, possibly killing them.
This is exactly as expected.

However, If I have logged in from another network host, and I kill
the `rlogin hostname` task, a SIGHUP gets sent to the children tasks
doing the compile. This kills them. I don't think that this should
have happened as the compile task was executed detached, i.e., the
"&" should have resulted in a "setsid()" which should have devorced
the children from their parent.

Somebody should probably check into this behavior. This does not
occur with SunOS 5.5.1. Once a task is detached, it is not affected
by signals from the terminal.

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