RE: gdb hangs 2.1.37 - strace same effect

Meino Christian Cramer (
Thu, 15 May 1997 20:07:38 -0000 (???)

On 14-May-97 Alex Kiernan wrote:
>Hopeless bug report I'm afraid (since I've no info at all - none of
>the magic keys would generate any output), but using gdb on a simple
>program, setting a breakpoint, then running, hangs the machine. I can
>still switch VCs, but thats it. 100% reproducible here.
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Got the same effect: gdb stops not only the program to be debugged
at a breakpoint -- the whole kernel refuses to done anything
more if the program stops at the breakpoint.

Strace is more effective: It needs no breakpoints to stop the kernel...


(no sarkasm! only a little bit astonished about such an "fundamental"
side-effect :-)

By the way: No trace of any debugging/oops/something in the syslog-file.

...who dances with modems... ;-)
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Date: 15-May-97
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