Re: v3.1.36: NO ACK with TCP/IP???
Thu, 15 May 1997 07:29:49 +0200

This seems to be a repeat of an old message that I've already
replied to, but I'll reply again to prevent a flood of "me to"

Meino Christian Cramer <> writes:
>There is a problem with TCP/IP (or ppp):
>Everytime I connect to
>(and some other sites...) the connection
>and login itsself works fine.
>But any attempt to transfer data (even "ls")
>fails. The modem shows some transfers, then
>the transfer stops. Nothing more happens.

There are two things of not. First, get yourself 2.1.37, it fixes a bug
in the TCP code that might be related.

Second, if that does not solve your problem, this sounds like the classic
case of a broken router between you and that
is mucking up on path MTU discovery. You can test this case by turning
off the PMTU code on the Linux end. (This is a configuration option,
so you'll have to recompile your kernel.)

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