Re: Documentation/Changes update for 2.0.3x
Wed, 14 May 1997 20:11:50 +0200

Jon Lewis:

: --- linux-2.0.30-clean/Documentation/Changes Wed Nov 13 01:23:13 1996
: +++ linux/Documentation/Changes Fri May 9 00:38:11 1997

: -
: +

You forgot to read the README:

mount-2.6e and later contains new NFS code from Olaf Kirch,
possibly required with kernel 2.1.32 and later.

linux-2.0.3x/Documentation/Changes should not refer to a mount
more recent than mount-2.6d.tar.gz.

: -
: +

There are several things a bit broken in util-linux-2.6 -
we should have come with 2.6.1 half a year ago.
(Of course there are also improvements over 2.5.)

If the maintainer of `Changes' wants to make this change,
let him add "Yes, we know that `more' is broken" -
otherwise another few hundred people might come and tell us.

[Besides: what is the function of these `Changes'?
To tell us what the most recent version of some software is?
I don't think so. It should tell us what the oldest version
of the software is that still will work without problems
with this new kernel.]