Re: NT/Linux Driver?

Stephen Williams (
Tue, 13 May 1997 15:58:41 -0700

Doesn't anybody have NT/alpha binaries of these things?!-/

Anyhow, this thread got off the original track of getting KERNEL MODE
linux device drivers to work (with some limits) in NT kernel mode. None
of these various packages help with kernel mode programming.

Incidentally, I'm finding that the linux programming interface is so
much better and more direct then the NT DDK. Oh, G*d. What linux kernel
programming lacks is a defined and documented DDK interface. All the
documentation I've seen fails to cover some important topics:

select support
mmap support and the vm_operations_struct

The NT DDK, though quite hideous, is at least documented. (It doesn't say
anything, but the corporate purchasing drone doesn't read it anyhow.)

Are there any books out there that cover the subject?

Any thought been given to standardizing the Linux DDI? This would allow
for a build-up of documentation.

Steve Williams

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