Re: What do you think of STREAMS?

Alan Cox (
Mon, 12 May 1997 23:57:45 +0100 (BST)

> Now that there is a GPL'ed STREAMS package available (albeit for
> 2.0.29) which is being actively maintained, isn't it time for STREAMS to
> be integrated into the base system? I seem to remember Linus objecting

Not really. People might use it by mistake.

> to this but can remember why - heck, if it is just a compile time
> option, or even better a loadable module why should Linux be deprived of
> such a nice framework?

There are a vast number of smaller and more important things for the Linux
core developers to maintain and to consider adding (eg the HFS, FAT32 and
NTFS modules) that add real functionality to the kernel.

You can fetch and use the streams module from its source without it being
in the mainstream kernel, and without forcing most of the Linux community
who have absolutely no use for it from downloading it all the time.

There are very very few uses where streams makes sense. The GPL'd streams
work caldera funded is great for those, but its not really for the mainstream