Re: K6 problem resolved

Dan Merillat (
Tue, 13 May 1997 04:23:31 -0400

H. Peter Anvin writes:

> I have solved the problem with Linux giving a protection violation
> immediately upon mounting the root filesystem on my brand new K6
> machine. As it turns out, it was a faulty CPU: replacing it with a
> supposedly identical part resolved the problem.
> Since other people have apparently seen the same problem, I wonder if
> there has been a quality control problem at AMD, or the K6 is just
> very sensitive to static or something along those lines. I hope this
> info can be useful to other people who may have the same problem.

A) K6's run HOT... put a BIG heatsink on them
B) AMD is having trouble keeping up with production... expect QC to go up
when they get the process stabilized
C) Linux _FLIES_ with a K6... that 32/32k cache & extra pipelines is

- --Dan

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