Major uniprocessor slowdown with 2.1.37?!

Yoav Cohen-Sivan (
Tue, 13 May 1997 00:07:54 +0300

Anybody else notice the considerable drop in all-around system
performance I've been getting with 2.1.37 on a uniprocessor system?

Ever since the first pre-patch and up to pre-#7 my system load has been
constantly hovering around 0.70 even with the system doing nil. Free
memory is constantly hovering at around 900K (on a 32MB system) and the
disk starts thrashing with even the slightest amount of activity.

It deteriorated in pre-#6 to the point where X + one Netscape window
caused the system to thrash to disk every time the mouse was moved at a
speed greater than 3mm/sec... pre-#7 has improved the situation a bit
(load hovering at 0.20-0.30) but still the system is all around very
slow and unresponsive.

Sort of reminds me of when I mistakenly compiled one of the 2.1.2x
kernels for SMP - took me a while to figure that one out ;-)

Needless to say, going back to 2.1.36, or 2.0.27, makes everything just
spiffy once again.