pre-2.1.37-7 -- still BIG keyboard problems

Alexander Sanda (
Mon, 12 May 1997 21:30:58 +0200


I recently upgraded to kernel 2.1.37-6 and applied the latest patch

I still experience troubles with the keyboard modifier keys (the keys
in question are capslock, scroll-lock and num-lock).

The symptoms:

As long as I don't touch one of those 3 keys, everything works fine.
Pressing capslock for example, results in a complete keyboard freeze
for about 5 seconds (even VC switching isn't possible). The keyboard
led does NOT change its state (in fact, the leds are switched off while
the system boots). After a couple of seconds, the keyboard operates
fine again, and capslock is working too. I can also switch off capslock
by pressing the key again (same symptoms as above).

However, the "setleds" utility works fine. It does change the keyboard
lamp status, and

Now, the funny thing: This only "works" in a VC. No problems under X.

System is a RedHat 4.1 on a P133/ASUS/Buslogic, SMP is disabled. I have
installed recent libc, kbd-utils (0.93) and some other recent stuff (as
mentioned in Documentation/Changes).

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