v3.1.36/37p7: TCP/IP ACK solved ?!!!

Meino Christian Cramer (root@solfire.ludwigsburg.netsurf.de)
Sun, 11 May 1997 15:06:28 -0000 (???)


First of all : Thank you for all the response to
my TCP/IP problem (missing ACK).

(most response appears three times --
rutgers seems to have a hickup... ;-)

I have just patched the 2.1.36 to

Both "case of problems", xcf.berkeley.edu
and prep.ai.mit.edu, now works fine.

Therefore: to me it seems to be ok now, but I
have not the knowledge to trace down a
tcpdump to see, wether there are some
"underlaying hidden problems" remaining in
the dark.

If one wants a dump of something or anything else,
please mail me, what I should do -- my help is
independant of my knowledge ;-)

...who dances with modems... ;-)

E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <root@solfire.ludwigsburg.netsurf.de>
Date: 11-May-97
Time: 15:06:28

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