Problems with AHA 2940 AU and Travan drive

Detlev Offenbach (
11 May 1997 11:33:31 GMT

Hi specialists,

I am using kernel version 2.1.36 and am observing a problem that drives me
nuts. I have an Colorado T4000s internal SCSI tape streamer (Travan TR-4)
attached to an Adaptec 2940AU. When I am doing a backup, the backup process
completes without showing an error besides a SCSI timeout when the tape is
rewinding at the end. However, when I try to reread the tape I get I/O
errors and have to abort. I tried several tapes and all show the same
problem (at different positions). I can hardly belief, that the drive or
the tapes are bad because I have not seen any problems under Win NT.

Any help welcome. Or do I have to scratch Linux in favour of Windows NT.

Detlev Offenbach