very strange networking problem

Pawel S. Veselov (
Sun, 11 May 1997 15:43:19 -0300 (GMT)

Hello, people !

My linux box is a gateway. Kernel is 2.1.36. To display a situation,
I'll beter draw a little network scheme :

|---| |----| |----| |----|
|FS1|---+---|STAR|---+---| me |----|NFS2|
|---| | |----| | |----| |----|
| |---|
|---| |PTC|
|SYS| |---|

"FS1" and "NFS2" are Novel servers 4.10. Other systems are un*x.

Linux running gated. Forwarding/gatewaying is ok. But : "FS1" is unreachable
from "me", but reachable from any other host, including "NFS2" that is
behind the router. "SYS" is reachable from "me" too. More far away Novel
servers are unreachable too. But "NFS2" is reachable from "me", though it's
running Novel. And one more strange thing is that Novel 3.x are pinging ok.
So why Novel 4.10 won't to be pinged from Linux 2.1.36 ?


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